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Michelin Tyres

If you are looking for “Michelin car tyres near me”, you’d be delighted to know that Kilnhurst Tyres stocks the finest of their products at our garage. From summer, winter and all-season units to performance, 4x4 tyres and run-flats, we stock all under one roof.

You now also have the convenience to buy Michelin tyres Rotherham online through our official website. Call us if you need any help with the process.

Michelin tyre ranges at our garage Performance Tyres

Michelin, one of the major F1 sponsors, is particularly known for its superior quality performance tyres that offer exceptional driving stability and comfort at high speeds.

Our top pick: Latitude Sport 3, Pilot Super Sport Run-flats Tyres

These car tyres Rotherham are manufactured with unique technologies that enable them to support the vehicle’s weight even after a puncture. This helps you to drive a little longer and reach the nearest service station for a tyre replacement.

Our top pick: Michelin Zero Pressure Summer Tyres

Opt for summer Michelin car tyres Rotherham to enjoy optimum traction and handling on wet and dry tarmacs. Their unique hard rubber compound prevents the tread from wearing out quickly.

Our top pick: Michelin Primacy 4, Pilot Sport 4 Winter Tyres

Soft rubber compound and grooved tread pattern make winter Michelin tyres Rotherham ideal for icy and snow-covered roads. Expect superlative grip and top-notch driving control with these units.

Our top pick: X Ice Snow, Alpin A4 All-season Tyres

Enjoy safe and smooth driving experience all year long without the hassle of changing tyres every passing season with these Michelin products. These come with unique tread patters that provide exceptional hydroplaning resistance in moderate weather conditions.

Our top pick: Pilot Sport All Season 4, CrossClimate 2 4x4 Tyres

We also sell quality 4x4 tyres of all makes, including Highway-terrain, Mud-terrain and All-terrain units.

Our top pick: Michelin LTX Force, Pilot Sport 4 SUV

When you buy Michelin tyres Rotherham from our service station you not just get units from one of the best-selling bands but our assurance as well. As every tyre we provide has undergone our stringent quality check.

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