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Wheel Alignment

Professional and accurate wheel alignment sessions are essential for the proper maintenance of your car. It not only helps in guaranteeing driving safety, but aligning your vehicle’s wheels is also an important part of ensuring that the suspension system stays in top shape.

Deviations in the wheel angles can compromise your driving experience considerably; the purpose of alignment or ‘tracking’, as it is also known, is to restore manufacturer-recommended angles.

If you live in or around South Yorkshire County, you can always visit our facility, Kilnhurst Tyres. We offer state-of-the-art wheel alignment Rotherham.

What is wheel alignment?

In simple terms, wheel alignment is the process of correcting the wheel angles so that they match the OEM specifications.

During wheel alignment Rotherham, our technicians at Kilnhurst Tyres will check the following angles:


The angles of the wheels with respect to the car, when viewed from the front, are called camber. The wheels may tilt either outwards, creating a positive camber, or inwards, thereby creating a negative camber. These angles need adjusting till they are perfectly aligned as per manufacturer recommendations.


It is the angle that your car’s steering axis makes with respect to the steered wheels. Caster too can be either negative or positive. At Kilnhurst Tyres, we use the best aligners to determine the precise degree of displacement and adjust them accordingly.


Finally, your car’s toe angles are the maximum extent of the wheels turning either inward or outward from a bird’s-eye-view, or when seen from above. Toe angles can also be either negative or positive.

When does your car need wheel alignment?

There are several symptoms you must keep an eye out for which can indicate misaligned wheels. Given below are some of the most common signs of poorly-aligned wheels. If you notice them, it is wise to bring your car over to Kilnhurst Tyres, a reliable wheel alignment garage Rotherham.

Uneven tread wear

Unusual and uneven tread wear is usually the first sign that something is ‘off’ with your car’s wheel angles. While some tread wear is to be expected anyway, a particular type of wear indicates poor alignment. It’s called ‘feathering’; in such instances, one side of a tyre wears faster than the other.

It suggests that the tyres are not touching the surface uniformly. It is highly indicative of wheel misalignment.

Difficulty when taking a turn

You will require wheel alignment Rotherham when you hear a squealing sound coming from the tyres as you take a turn. You may also find it difficult to keep the vehicle straight as it might pull to one side while driving.

Vibrations in the steering wheel

Perhaps the biggest giveaway of misaligned wheels is a vibrating steering wheel. You will notice that the steering wheel does not return to its original position when you have turned a corner. It may come off as a steering wheel or column issue, but chances of poor wheel alignment are more likely.

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