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Avon Tyres

Avon is a British tyre manufacturing brand owned by the Cooper Tyre & Rubber Company. Its tyres are popular among customers for their superb performance and quality at a reasonable price.

At Kilnhurst Tyres, we offer an array of Avon tyres for you to select from. We assure exceptional Avon tyres Rotherham by only offering the ones that pass our extensive quality checks.

Please visit us to buy these tyres and get them installed on your vehicle. Besides that, you can also buy Avon tyres from us online.

Types of Avon tyres at our garagePerformance Tyres

Our best-seller: Avon ZV7

Get unrivalled steering precision and superlative traction even at blazing speeds with these units.Run-flat Tyres

Our best-seller: Avon ZZ3

These Avon car tyres Rotherham retain their shape in the case of a puncture, allowing you to drive a little longer and reach the nearest garage for a replacement.4×4 Tyres

Our best-seller: Avon AX7

4x4 Avon tyres Rotherham come with a higher load index and broader circumference to enhance the overall handling performance of your SUV.Summer Tyres

Our best-seller: Avon ZT7

These tyres are manufactured with a hard rubber compound and feature a shallow tread design that optimise traction and fuel economy.Winter Tyres

Our best-seller: Avon WV7 Snow

Avon’s winter car tyres Rotherham are designed with deeper grooves to ensure optimum grip and superior handling on icy or snowy roads.All-season Tyres

Our best-seller: Avon All Season AS7

Avon’s all-season products are ideal for those who do not wish to change tyres every season. These are perfect for use in moderate weather conditions.

If you are searching for “tyres near me,” directly come to our garage and buy Avon tyres Rotherham that meet all your driving requirements.

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