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Wheel Balancing

Unbalanced wheels can severely deteriorate vehicle performance and increase the chances of frequent tyre replacements.

Therefore, we, at Kilnhurst Tyres , recommend car owners to never ignore the signs of unbalanced wheels. Reach us for professional wheel balancing Rotherham.

Our experts are only one call away; dial 01709 585278.

What is wheel balancing? Why is it important?

In this process, our technicians will equalise the weight of your vehicle’s tyre and wheel assemblies so that they rotate uniformly at high speeds. Even minor imbalances in the wheels’ weight will result in an uncomfortable and bumpy driving experience, also leading to accelerated tread wear.

So, look out for the warning signs of unbalanced wheels and schedule an appointment with us. Also, we conduct wheel balancing as standard practice after new tyre-fitting.

When to opt for wheel balancing Rotherham?

Besides manufacturing defects, wheel imbalance can also occur due to various other reasons, like sudden bumps or jerks, challenging driving conditions, etc.

Some of the most telling signs of unbalanced wheels are as follows:

Vibrations inside the passenger cabin

One of the early signs of unbalanced wheels is odd vibrations inside the passenger cabin. Car owners have reported unusual vibrations starting at the floorboard, which extends up to the steering wheel, making it difficult to control the vehicle.

Deteriorating vehicle performance

Unbalanced wheels also have a significant effect on overall vehicle performance. You will come across increased braking distance and a dropping fuel economy.

Uneven tyre wear

You will also notice that the treads on one side of the tyres will wear out quicker than the other side. This uneven wear means that one side of the tyre remains more in contact with the road than the other, indicating unbalanced wheels.

To be on the safer side, it is recommended that you opt for car wheel balancing Rotherham at least once every two years.

Why choose our wheel balancing garage Rotherham?

At our facility, we use top-notch wheel balancing equipment. We are also experienced in both static wheel balancing using bubble balancers, and three-axis dynamic wheel balancing.

Are you still searching for the best car “wheel balancing garage near me”?

Kilnhurst Tyres is conveniently located at 9A Glasshouse Rd, Rotherham, S64 5TQ, Uk. So, you can quickly drive down to us during our working hours.

Additionally, you can book an appointment with us beforehand to avoid waiting times.

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