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Firestone Tyres

Founded by Harvey Firestone in the early 1900s, Firestone is a tyre manufacturing brand based in America.

If you are looking for excellent handling performance and traction at an affordable price, buy Firestone tyres Rotherham from Kilnhurst Tyres.

Buy Firestone tyres from us

You can either visit our garage directly to buy and fit tyres on your vehicle or buy a set of these units online through our official website.

Firestone tyre categories at our garage 4×4 Tyres

SUVs are bigger than passenger cars; thus, they require specialised 4x4 tyres for maximum performance. These Firestone tyres are known to provide smooth and stable driving experience, on- and off-road.

Example: Destination A/T, Transforce AT2Run-flats Tyres

With these Firestone car tyres Rotherham, you do not have to worry about getting stranded in the middle of the road due to a puncture. You can continue to drive up to a certain distance at a limited speed safely.All-season Tyres

Fit these all-season car tyres Rotherham on your vehicle if you do not wish to switch units with every passing season. Their unique rubber compound makes them long-lasting and responsive to different road conditions and in moderate climates.

Example: Firehawk AS, Champion Fuel FighterSummer Tyres

The hard rubber compound helps these Firestone tyres Rotherham retain their shape in warm weather conditions, and the shallow tread pattern enhances hydroplaning resistance on hot and dry tarmacs.

Example: Firehawk Indy 500Winter Tyres

Firestone tyres Rotherham for winters feature deeper tread patterns with more grooves that optimise grip on snow-covered roads. These units also provide excellent hydroplaning resistance on icy roads to ensure driving safety.

Example: Winterforce 2Performance Tyres

These Firestone units provide excellent steering efficiency and cornering precision at an affordable price.

Example: Firehawk AS, Firehawk GTA-2

Get all these and a lot more at 9A Glasshouse Road,Kilnhurst,Mexborough S64 5TQ So, skip searching “tyres near me” and visit us during business hours.