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Tyre Pressure Check

While most cars nowadays come with a TPMS system on-board, it is highly recommended that you still keep a manual tab on your vehicle’s tyre pressure. Proper tyre pressure is crucial to your automobile’s handling performance and driving safety.

Feel free to visit Kilnhurst Tyres for a free tyre pressure check Rotherham.

Please note that both under- and over-inflated tyres can lead to considerable trouble if not corrected immediately.

How to determine accurate tyre pressure?

As a reliable garage that offers professional tyre pressure check Rotherham, we must inform you that random testing may not yield accurate measurements.

We only test the pressure levels when:

  • The tyre is colder than the existing air temperature.
  • Your car has not been driven for too many miles immediately before a pressure check.

Note that pressure levels for every tyre variant are different. Leave it to our experienced technicians to determine the precise pressure readings for optimum vehicle performance.

What is the ideal tyre pressure level? How can we help?

You will find more information about your car tyres’ recommended pressure in your owner’s manual or tyre placard, present in the glove box or driver’s side door pillar.

  • At our garage, our experts will first check the tyre placard to determine your vehicle’s ideal tyre pressure.
  • They will then remove the tyre’s valve cap and insert the tyre pressure gauge inside the valve to take the pressure reading.

Importance of correct tyre pressure

  • Enhanced handling and steering performance
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Longer tyre life, etc.

Signs of low tyre pressure levels

Do keep an eye out for the following signs:

Poor acceleration

It happens when the rear tyres have lower pressure levels than the front ones. You will have trouble accelerating.

Difficulty in steering

Another way of determining low tyre pressure is when you feel your car is taking too long to complete turns, even if they are not hairpins. It happens mostly due to the dragging motion of the tyre carcass over the road due to low pressure.

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