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Dunlop Tyres

If you are wondering where to buy Dunlop tyres Rotherham, Kilnhurst Tyres can be your go-to destination.

We house a wide range of tyres from all price ranges like premium, mid-range and budget for various car models.

You can buy Dunlop tyres online via our website. Just enter your vehicle registration number in the tyre finder tool. Then select the preferred Dunlop model that suits the requirements of your car and proceed to checkout.

Kilnhurst Tyres stocks Dunlop tyres from different variants such as:

Summer Tyres

Dunlop summer variants such as Sport Maxx Race 2 are made with a hard rubber compound.

The carcass material in these models lowers the heat build-up and prevents them from getting soft on hot tarmacs. Furthermore, these models offer excellent traction and handling control on both dry and wet tracks.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres from Dunlop offer unmatched cornering precision, traction and exceptional braking on icy tracks. Moreover, they have high sipe density and increased tread depth, providing biting grip and improved aquaplaning resistance on roads covered with snow.

Our recommendation is SP Winter Response.

All-Season Tyres

All-season tyres from Dunlop are composed of a silica-infused all-adaptive compound that excels in wet and dry conditions. Moreover, its intermediate tread depth provides maximum grip and traction.

Buy Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 from our facility and save a great deal on seasonal tyre replacements!

The list does not end here!

We also sell the following Dunlop tyres to our customers:

  • SP Sport Maxx TT (Run-flat Tyres)
  • SP Sport Maxx GT 600 (High-performance Tyres)
  • SP Sport 270 (4x4 Tyres)

So, stop searching for “Dunlop tyres near me”.

We have got you covered.