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Tyres Size

When you buy car tyres Rotherham, you need to be careful about the tyre size. If you install tyres of the incorrect size on your vehicle, it might affect the handling performance and stability.

At Kilnhurst Tyres, our experts will help you to purchase tyres best suited for your automobile.

We suggest looking at your car owner’s manual or tyre placard for the appropriate tyre size.

As mandated in the ECE-United Nations Regulation 30-02, tyre sidewalls must contain the specifications such as width, aspect ratio, and load index. Typically, an alphanumerical code on a tyre sidewall looks something like the following:

215/60R16 95H

Let’s take a brief look at what this code means.

Section width

215 denotes the unit‘s section width, the distance between two sidewalls.

Aspect ratio

The next two numerals stand for aspect ratio, which is a ratio between the tyre’s cross-section and its width.


R stands for Radial construction.


The next two numbers indicate the tyre’s rim diameter. 16 here means that this tyre is made for a wheel of 16” diameter.

Speed and load index

Finally, 95 reflects the load bearing capacity, while H refers to this particular tyre’s speed index.

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