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Tyre Labelling

The primary aim of tyre labelling is to relay essential data about the particular tyre’s performance metrics. This helps customers to take informed decisions while making a purchase.

If you buy car tyres Rotherham from Kilnhurst Tyres, you will see that all the tyres in our facility are properly labelled in compliance with the EU legislations.

There are three main aspects based on which tyres are labelled:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Wet grip
  • Noise
  • Decoding tyre labels

While buying car tyres Rotherham, we recommend that you convey your requirements to our experts so that they can suggest the best match for your vehicle.

Also, you can have a word with our experts via call to know more and buy tyres online from our website. Here’s a brief rundown on what tyre labels mean.

Fuel efficiency

A tyre’s rolling resistance has a significant impact (up to 20%) on your car’s fuel consumption, which adds to environmental pollution. The fuel efficiency of tyres is rated from A to G; A being the best and G being the least fuel-efficient units.

Wet grip

A tyre’s braking performance on wet roads is also graded from A to G, with stopping distances increasing by approximately 2.5 m as you go from A to G. Wet grip is one of the most critical safety standards in the UK as wet surfaces increase the braking distances significantly.


In an attempt to curb noise pollution, tyre labels also reflect the unit’s rolling noise levels. This aspect is graded using three soundbars. While one filled sound bar indicates the least noise levels, tyres with three filled bars are the noisiest.

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