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Touchless Wheel Alignment

Say goodbye to the traditional wheel alignment process with the new clampless Argos wheel alignment technology from Kilnhurst Tyres

A touchless wheel alignment inspection technology from the leading wheel alignment equipment manufacturer, Supertracker, is a revolutionary innovation in the automobile industry. In this context, Argos wheel alignment system is a game changing technology that will revolutionise the wheel alignment process and provide the most accurate results within seconds.

When To Opt For A Touchless Wheel Alignment

You can consider opting for a touchless wheel alignment Kilnhurst if you witness any of the following tell-tale signs of misaligned car wheels:

  • A sudden drop in the fuel efficiency of the vehicle
  • Vehicle drifting in one direction even while moving on a straight road
  • Uneven and faster tyre wear
  • Inadequate braking performance
  • Noise from the wheel/tyre assembly

A touchless wheel alignment session can help resolve further complications and help you save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

About Our Touchless Wheel Alignment Service Kilnhurst

An Argos wheel aligner machine inspects the toe, camber, caster and thrust angles in under 5 seconds without even touching your car. Further, you do not even have to get out of your vehicle.

How does it work?

Simply move your car in the space between the Argos columns, and the special 3D scanning measurement system will take care of the rest.

Argos completely transforms the traditional wheel alignment procedure working without clamps, targets, and detectors. The different wheel basis does not require any kind of manual actions, not even a levelled lift. There is no need to engage the brake pedal lock or conduct a run out compensation in order to measure the caster angle of a car wheel.

At our workshop, we use the “Full” version of this latest wheel alignment technology. It allows users to collect readings and perform a caster angle adjustment on the floor without exiting the vehicle. It measures an automobile’s on-floor and at a fixed height. We only have to place your vehicle on a ramp to make alignment changes if needed.

More About The Argos Wheel Alignment System

As the wheel alignment inspection process begins automatically when a vehicle enters the work area, all procedures are automatically detected. The car’s specifications are automatically pre-selected based on the wheel basis, and the cutting-edge and user-friendly software is controlled by a remote by one of our certified technicians. This helps to ensure an incredibly convenient, accurate, and fast approach.

Benefits Of A Touchless 3D Wheel Alignment Kilnhurst

  • Precise and simultaneous measurements of all four wheels
  • High-speed diagnosis
  • Accurate results within seconds, courtesy of the cutting-edge laser and 3D stereo cameras
  • You do not need to leave your vehicle

So what are you waiting for?

Stop searching for a “wheel alignment near me". Instead give our touchless wheel alignment a try and come to us to get the assessment done in seconds!

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