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Why Choose Vehicle Servicing at Kilnhurst Tyres?

When things are going smoothly, it’s always easy to become complacent. This is especially true for your car, where you rely on it day to day in order to get from A to B and back again. 

You might think your car is in top condition, but with such a complex machine of moving parts, it’s important to stay on top of servicing to maintain that sense of security in avoiding a breakdown. There are plenty of other benefits to having your car serviced regularly too, but first, let’s break down what vehicle servicing is when you visit our experienced team at Kilnhurst Tyres.

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What is vehicle servicing?

A service for your car is a variety of crucial maintenance to keep it performing at its best while on the road. This helps to prevent problems from developing with essential parts of your car and is separate from your MOT, which is more about keeping your vehicle legally road-worthy.

Here are just a few of the things our expert mechanics will check and maintain during your servicing appointment with us and why they’re important:

  • The importance of exhaust maintenanceYour exhaust is essential for directing fumes away from your car, but it also reduces noise. Keeping it in top condition will mean you get better performance overall, including impacting how much fuel your car uses.
  • The importance of brake maintenance – We probably don’t need to tell you how important your brakes are, but by having them checked, you can be sure that your car is safe – particularly when you need them in an emergency. Servicing can also help to keep your brakes clean, removing any noises you might be hearing while braking.
  • The importance of air conditioning maintenance – Given the heat we now experience in summer, air conditioning is vital for a comfortable drive. Having your air conditioning system serviced in your car can help to keep it working efficiently. We’ll recharge your air conditioning and can spot any leaks which are both bad for the environment and the performance of your system
  • The importance of DPF cleaning Your diesel particulate filter (DPF) helps to reduce the number of harmful emissions from your car, but once that filter becomes blocked, it will need to be checked and cleaned to ensure your car is operating within the legal limits.

You can find out more about what’s covered in our full service, interim service and basic service packages by contacting us today.

Why should I service my car?

Now you know a few of the key things involved with your service, let’s talk more about why you should have your car serviced regularly. There are plenty of benefits, some of which we’ve already touched upon, but if you still need convincing, take a look at our top five reasons to have your car serviced:

  • Car servicing saves you money – By spotting issues before they become major problems, you can save yourself from paying for costly repairs in an emergency. It also saves you money because it helps keep your car in its most fuel-efficient form, a huge win when fuel prices are so high!
  • Car servicing improves safety for everyone – Maintaining essential parts of your car – such as your brakes – can keep you and other road users safe.
  • Car servicing improves your resale value – Having a full service history means you can expect more when you eventually sell your car versus selling the same car without a servicing history.
  • Car servicing extends the lifespan of your vehicle – Not planning on selling? Then you can expect greater longevity for your car through regular servicing from a professional.
  • Car servicing is better for the environment – Keeping your exhaust and DPF in full working order means minimising your emissions, helping to reduce your impact on the environment overall.

Why choose Kilnhurst Tyres for car servicing?

At Kilnhurst Tyres, our team has over 30 years of experience in helping customers in Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster and surrounding areas to keep their cars in the best possible shape. From improving performance and fuel efficiency to giving you a safer, more comfortable drive, we’re all about delivering a top-quality service for you.

You can choose the vehicle servicing package that best suits you, with prices starting from as little as £59, and don’t forget to ask about our seasonal servicing checks before winter hits.

Call today to book your car in for a service and get full confidence knowing your vehicle has a clean bill of health.

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